DR Koncerthuset uses SoundEar3-320 and a Building Management System to control the lighting

The lighting in the studios of the Danish Concert Hall, DR Koncerthuset, is controlled using SoundEar3-320 noise level meters, combined with a Building Management System (BMS).

There is no reason to keep on the lights in a room with no people in it. But how exactly do you go about detecting whether a room is empty?

DR Koncerthuset has found a way to solve this, using a SoundEar3-320 noise level meter to detect when sound levels are low (below 30 dB) in a room, which means that the room is empty. This information is sent from the noise level meter via an analogue signal to a BMS (Building Management System), which then turns off the lights.

“It works perfectly”, says Søren Peglau about the combination of the SoundEar3-320 and the BMS to control the lights.