SoundEar Classic

SoundEar Classic

Simple and Effective Noise Visualization

Why our customers use SoundEar Classic:

  • Makes noise visual
  • Everyone understands to quiet down when the ear flashes red
  • Reduces noise levels in an easy and effective manner

Find out how you can use SoundEar Classic to reduce noise levels in your setting.

For a full list of product specifications, you can download the SoundEar Classic product sheet.

Where is SoundEar Classic typically used and for what purpose?

SoundEar Classic is often used in class rooms, music rehearsal rooms and day care/child care centres. It is used when you want to lower noise levels in your particular setting in a simple and effective manner.

Learn more about how to use SoundEar Classic to lower your noise levels.

How do I get started using the SoundEar Classic?

It is quite easy to get started using SoundEar Classic. There are 3 steps:

  1. Find out when you want it to flash red and adjust the noise limit wheel on the back accordingly.
  2. Find out where you want it placed.
  3. Plug it into power and remember to tell your surroundings why it is there and what you want them to do, when the ear flashes red.
Where do I place my SoundEar Classic?

When it comes to placing your SoundEar Classic there are a few things to keep in mind:

Placing your SoundEar Classic:

  • find a visible spot on the wall that everyone can see
  • near a power outlet
  • not close to any sound absorbing materials such as curtains or other soft fabrics
  • not close to any noisy equipment such as printers or telephones
When should the SoundEar flash red?/How much noise is too much?
  1. If you need some ideas on what noise limits to set you can look at our decibel scale visualization here or you can use the decibel chart to find out what db levels to expect in different settings.
How big an area does a SoundEar Classic cover?/How many will I need?

It is difficult to give an exact answer, because it depends very much on your surroundings and how far sound is able to travel in your particular setting. But the SoundEar Classic typically covers an area of about 10 metres in diameter or roughly 35 squaremetres.

Why does my SoundEar Classic flash red constantly?

The lights on the SoundEar Classic respond to noise levels in the room according to the noise limit set on the back of the device.

If you find that the SoundEar Classic flashes red too often or not often enough, try adjusting the noise limit of the device, using the wheel on the back.

Can I order a new power supply?

Yes, you can. Please fill out the contact form here and let us know that you require a new power supply for SoundEar Classic, along with your shipping info and we will get back to you with further details.

How can we reduce noise pollution in School/Class?

We have 4 tips for you if would like inspiration on how to reduce noise levels in class rooms.

You may also enjoy reading the findings of this research paper where noise levels in 3 class rooms at the same school were reduced considerably using a SoundEar.