Support for SoundEar II

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Why our customers use SoundEar II:

  • Makes noise visible
  • Everyone understands that noise levels are too high when the light turns red
  • Reduces noise levels in an easy and effective manner
  • Also comes in 2 industrial versions that warn you when it is time to put on hearing protection

Find out how you can use SoundEar II to reduce noise levels in your setting.

For a full list of product specifications, you can download the product sheets here: 

SoundEar II (with the ear)

SoundEar II Industry (regular size)

SoundEar II XL (large size)

How precise are the noise measurements?

The products in the SoundEar II Series are noise level indicators. They have a deviation of +/- 3 dB.

If you need a precise noise level meter, we recommend the devices in the SoundEar3 series, which have a deviation of only 0.5 dB.

How do I update the driver for the SoundLog for my SoundEar II device?

Posted Sep.14th 2017:

After the new update from Windows you need to update the driver software in order to have a connection between the SoundLog and the SoundEar PRO software.

The driver is called CP210x Windows Drivers with Serial Enumeration

Download the updated driver here