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SoundEar3 Series

Professional line of noise monitoring systems used in hospitals, industrial- and construction companies worldwide to monitor, document and manage noise levels.

Why our customers choose SoundEar3:

  • Simple and professional noise monitoring system
  • Stable and dependable noise measurement
  • Documentation for noise levels
  • Scaleable: Can be used in several locations at once
  • User-friendly software to analyze noise levels

Discover how to manage noise levels in your work setting using the SoundEar3 Series.

For a full list of the SoundEar3 product specifications, download the product sheet below:

SoundEar3-300 product sheet
SoundEar3-310 product sheet
SoundEar3-320 product sheet
SoundEar3 XL product sheet
SoundEar3-320 X product sheet

Find out how to install and use the SoundEar Software and SoundEar3 products in these video tutorials.

How to use the SoundEar3 product

Demonstration of SoundEar3 in use

How to take out noise measurements

How to update the firmware

How to use and install the SoundEar Software

Demonstration of the Software

How to change light settings

How to calibrate the microphone

How to use and install the Wi-Fi/LAN version of the software

How to setup Wi-Fi with local broker

How to setup Wi-Fi with cloud broker

Blinking sequence on the micro PC

Schedule an automated noise report

FAQ about SoundEar3

Why choose SoundEar 3?

We are sometimes asked why you should choose a SoundEar3 over a SoundEar II or a SoundEar Classic.

The simple answer is that SoundEar3 is a more professional noise level meter, which provides precision noise measurements that can be used for documentation purposes. We have listed some of the benefits of SoundEar3 here.

Benefits of SoundEar3:

  • Fullfills the requirements of a class II noise level meter
  • Has an internal log
  • Has an external microphone with preamplifier
  • Has a deviation of only +/-0,5 dB
  • Has flexible light settings, including day and night settings
  • Has an internal clock
  • Has a dynamic range from 30 dB to 120 dB.

Furthermore, the SoundEar 3 comes with the SoundEar Software, allowing you to monitor, analyze and document your noise levels.

What are the features of the SoundEar 3 software?

Find out what you can accomplish with the SoundEar3 Software here. For a glimpse into the features of the software you can watch this video demonstration:

Why can’t I download my SoundEar 3 measurements to the USB drive?

Make sure that the USB drive is formatted (FAT 32) before using it, and make sure the USB drive is empty, before inserting it into your device.

How do I get measurements out of the internal log on my SoundEar3 device?

This video shows you how to take the measurements out of your SoundEar3 and use them in the SoundEar software:

Why is my SoundEar 3 device not connecting to the SoundEar software?

The first time you connect your SoundEar 3 to your PC, Windows Update will try to find a driver for the software (this may take a while – around 5 minutes) – after this, Windows will “give up” and install a standard HID driver.

When the driver is installed, the device should connect to the software. You can check in your ‘Device manager’ in Windows to see if the ‘HID compliant system controller’ is installed – this would be your SoundEar 3 device.

devicemanager (1)